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I need your IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY to make THE music video for my NEXT SINGLE "My Town"!


What I'd like you to do is find a friend (one to drive, one to shoot the video) and go find the coolest part of where you live and use your phone to get some footage of the moving scenery through your car windshield while driving (safely) and then upload it to my Dropbox below.

- Shooting out the front windshield is ideal but if it looks cool or feels good, side shots are welcome as well. Make sure you clean your car windows before you go!

- Both day and night shots are needed - Lots of lights at night are great and so are sunrises and sunsets!

- I want to see what is absolutely iconic, whether good or bad, beautiful or ugly, about where you live! "It's hard to get around, but I love this town..."

- Shoot Landscape (Holding your phone sideways) and in HD if possible.

- Multiple submissions are fine but try and only send the best 30 seconds of each location. (You can send a still photo too if you think it's cool).

- By uploading you agree that you did this for fun and you relinquish all rights to the footage to me.

- I will put your name in the video if I use your footage! Make sure you tell me where "My Town" is for you!

- All submissions should be uploaded by August 12th.

- Feel free to email me (bottom right button) if you have any questions.

- I absolutely cannot wait to see what you come up with!

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