Andy Ellis

Los Vangellis

Chasing a feeling, through music and words, sounds and stories...


  Andy Ellis is a songwriter, composer, producer, mixer, & multi-instrumentalist based out of Los Angeles, CA. Andy has been a long time member of alt-rock band Black Lab as well as half of indie electro-pop duo The Boom Circuits, both heard on platinum selling soundtracks (Spiderman, Twilight: BD2) and countless movies & TV shows (Blade Trinity, House, One Tree Hill). Whether as an artist, composer, or engineer, for over 20 years Andy has relentlessly explored the musical possibilities inherent in blending a hybrid of electronic and organic sounds, instruments and genres. All this has culminated in his latest project and first solo record, the full length Alternative Electro-Organic Pop album with hints of Psychedelia and New-Wave: Sunshine at the Edge of the Earth; written, performed, produced, and mixed by Ellis - out Spring 2018.